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Mercedes-Benz Owners ...The club for all things Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz Owners (MBO) is a community based subscription organisation that provides owners and enthusiasts with greater pleasure from their interest in the Mercedes marque with various benefits.

By becoming part of the MBO you will immediately feel the benefit. You will receive the monthly Mercedes Owner magazine (printed or online), discounts on service, parts & repairs, discounted RAC membership, car insurance, access to our part finding service, technical support, free classified advertising, access to our Mercedes area showing over 200 offers for you to take full advantage of...Join today and save money.  


“As a member of Mercedes-Benz Owners it was well worth it for all the kind help, support and excellent customer service I received by the MBO team. I highly recommended this club/forum to new or old Mercedes owners who may not be aware of the help and support available. Thank you MBO." Amir Chughtai.

"Through my subscription of the Mercedes club, I was introduced to various insurance companies that ultimately reduced by premium by £1200 per annum!  I am thrilled.  I still have years and years of no claims, and live in Central London with fully comprehensive insurance.  I am just about to benefit from my third year of value for money insurance cover through these good people.  Thank you MBO for the introduction." J. Lloyd-Davies

"Many thanks for the clarification and for the information, I have contacted your Mercedes specialist and placed an order. Again many thanks for your help, MBO club is already proving worthwhile". Roy J Bartlett

"Hi MBO, thank you very much, that is all of great help. I will definitely renew my membership!" Michael Prager"

"MBO club has introduced me to some nice people, has saved me about £450 on a replacement component thanks to technical help. Great club, very helpful." D. Greenwood

"I have found being a MBO subscriber an enjoyable and useful resource for my much-loved 21 year old Mercedes. Thank you!" M. Kiely

"Benefited from big saving on my car insurance, plus attentive, friendly service after joining the Mercedes Benz Owners club. Very good start to my subscription." C. Woodhouse

Mercedes-Benz Owners, voted the best car blogging site  and won the AA Car Blog Award for the Car Club category 2015.


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